History of Exotic Dancing

According to some researches, exotic dancing dates back to more than twenty thousand years ago. The exotic dancing culture can be seen in the Paleolithic era in the cave paintings found in the south of France, where erotic poses can be seen. It can also be seen in Neolithic era, where erotic dancer statues are found near the black sea, and archeologists estimate their date to be nine thousand years old. These types of paintings, statues, pictures, writings related to exotic dancing can be found all over the world. In the middle-east the exotic dance took the form of belly-dancing, which is a prominent form of dancing even today. Today, you can hire rockstar strippers who can perform any kind of exotic dance.

The first exotic dance performed in America was in 1893 at a world’s fair in Chicago. Although, this was not the first public exotic dance performance, it was the most popular one. The woman named ‘Little Egypt,’ is from Middle East, and she was credited as the first woman to introduce exotic dancing to American popular culture. The seeds to the modern exotic dancing in America were sown in 1950’s with new enforcements by the government made exotic dancing limited to certain zones in the cities. And through sixties and seventies, new rules were enforced on the clubs that host exotic dancing like licensing laws and zoning.