Exotic Dancing and its types

Exotic dancing from Cincinnati strippers is one of the oldest forms of dancing in the world. From centuries ago it celebrates the female sexuality. An exotic dancer is one who removes the clothing half or full, dances in a sexually suggestive fashion, and performs for the audience, who pays to see them perform. The exotic dancing has been evolving from centuries, and in the modern setting, it is usually seen as the dance performed in strip-clubs and other dancing clubs. There are different types of exotic dance depending on the setting in the club and the customer’s needs and wishes.

Dancing on stage

Dancing on stage is the main feature of entertainment in any club environment. It is the dancer’s primary method of being seen. In the usual setting, the customers will be seated around the stage, and the dancers dance to the music. The music usually will follow a sensual, slow beat, to which the dancers move in a seductive way. There may also be a pole on the stage, where the dancers can do some additional moves like climbing and swinging around the pole. The dancers use the stage to make eye contact with the customers and if any customer appears interesting, they then offer a private dance or lap dance.

Lap Dancing

In this setting, the customer will be seated on a comfortable chair or a couch, and the dancers dance on their lap. Lap dances generally last about five to ten minutes. The moves generally includes grinding and thrusting. All the sensual moves are done over the customers clothing. The lap dancing is illegal in few states. In the other states, where it is legal, it is required that the customers should not touch the dancer performing lap dance. Lap dances can be in a private setting or a public setting.

Private Dancing

Private dancing, as the name suggests is more intimate. The customer and the dancer go to a private place within the club, and the dancer performs to the customer alone. The club usually accommodates these private locations for this purpose. The dancer may perform lap dance, table dance or slow dance according to the customer’s wishes. This also include the moves like grinding, thrusting, twerking, but the dancers get more personal like simulating sex over the customer’s clothes.